Alessio&Linda, a fairy tale on the Anghiari terrace

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A wonderful outdoor wedding

Linda and Alessio got married on 10th September 2016. The location of the marriage chosen by the couple was the home of his aunt. Us, IDF Photography Studio, were chosen as their wedding photographers. At about noon, we arrived at the location of the groom's preparations: a beautiful farmhouse perched on a hillside. The view from up there was amazing. Alessio welcomed us into his apartment and after a chat and a couple of laughs, we start with the preparations of the groom. We couldn't waste the oppurtunity to take a couple of pictures among all the greenery surroundings of this wonderful stone structure, so we went out for some shots in the open air. Once the preparations of Alessio were over, we head for the location of the preparations of Linda, that is, the location of the wedding. When we arrived there, the bride was still immersed in the make-up session, so we took the time to take some pictures of the site that would have hosted the ceremony. The wedding planners had done a really good job with the scenography.

When we were finally able to greet the bride, Linda saluts us happy and smiling. We spoke of this and that and messed around to dampen a little steam while taking some pictures at the pretty face of the bride. Once ready, she was a joy to see, and we tried to capture every detail: princely dressed laced with red strings, theme of the wedding. Swaroskji jewelry, bouquet of red roses and, icing on the cake, shoes of the same color of the roses of the bouquet, studded with diamonds. Finished with the preparations, we got out of the house with Linda to accompany her in the garden where the ceremony was held. Needless to say that the ceremony didn't lack fro emotions, nor on the part of the spouses, nor from that of their guests. The vows read by the spouses would have moved even the toughest of hearts. Once the ceremony was over, the newlyweds were covered with red petals from their friends and relatives while walking on the white carpet. For the outdoor photo shoot we went to Anghiari, a picturesque medieval village in the province of Arezzo. There were moments of pose and moments of playfulness between the bride and groom. We also stopped to offer the newlyweds a well-deserved drink. Satisfied with our shots, we went back to the location, where the dinner was followed by dancing and joking.

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