Alex&Samantha, wedding at Ceconi Castle

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Strolling in the lands of Earl Ceconi

Blog sulla fotografia di matrimonio di IDF Studio Fotografico - Articolo su Alex&Samantha - Matrimonio al Castello Ceconi

Alex and Samantha got married in the summer of 2015, choosing as their wedding location the Antico Fio, a welcoming place surrounded by nature and overlooking the castle of Poppi. Given the beautiful friendship born with this couple, we asked them if they were available to come with us in Northern Italy, the headquarters of Graphistudio, which is the company that produces the wedding album chosen by these guys. So we set off together for a 3-day immersion in the wonderful Ceconi Castle.

The Castle takes its name from the Earl who commissioned its construction, Giacomo Ceconi. He was born in Pielungo in 1833. Illiterate, leaves his town of origin in 1851, heading to Trieste in search of cultural inspiration, willing to learn the craft of construction worker. With the passage of time becomes a major building contractor. His works are so important as to be awarded with the title of Earl of the Crown of Italy. Just as a result of this charge, he was required to erect a residence  with characteristics and proportions of a castle. This is how Castello Ceconi was born, this beautiful neo-Gothic structure. The second world war brought serious damage to the Castle, restored by the provincial agency of mountain economy and afterwards again struck by the terrible earthquake of ' 76 that completely destroyed much of neighboring towns. Since 2008 the Ceconi Castle passed permanently in the hands of the company Graphistudio. Today the castle is used as a showroom of the company and a meeting place for photographers, workshop and, in our case, for a photo shoot.

After visiting the company's headquarters, we went to dinner with Alex and Samantha. We spent a fine evening together, after which we headed to Ceconi Castle. We still can't decide whether the view of the castle is more striking at night or in the morning. Night lighting give the Castle a magical feeling; the morning atmosphere, the calm fo the forest that sorrounds this place, and the grandeur of the Friulan Alps that gives an awesome background to the castle, is as if they canceled any spatio-temporal perception.

The day after, After Alex and Samantha dressed with their wedding clothes again and we started our photo shoot day. Between laughs and jokes, it has created a beautiful tune that made this day a real fun. After the photo shoot, Alex and Samantha, received a surprise. Thanks to the incomparable efficiency of Graphistudio, we were able to deliver their wedding album right in the hall of the Ceconi showroom. The guys were very excited and a little incredulous, because we made them believe that their Young Book was not ready yet. They thanked all of us immensely, telling us that this day would remain forever a blessing in their lives. Us, we would like to say a special thank to all the Graphistudio staff, and particularly to Tullio Tramontina for allowing us to realize this shooting at the Ceconi Castle.

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 for allowing the realization of this photoshoot.


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