Giada&Alessandro, from Cork to Valenzano Castle

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A rock'n'roll wedding at Valenzano Castle

Blog di Fotografia di IDF Studio Fotografico - Castello di Valenzano

Giada and Alessandro got married on 4th June 2016. She was from Milan, he was from Rome, they met and fell in love in Cork, Irish town. From there, we were contacted for information on our wedding photo shoots. We invited them out for dinner to get to know each other and understand how they would have like their wedding photo shoot to be. We immediately recognized that they were two people who appreciated spontaneity in the pictures and that then, we would have found perfectly in tune.

The whole wedding took place in the beautiful location of Valenzano Castle. This structure has very ancient origins: arose initially as a watchtower in the late period of the Lombard domination, between the late 9th and the beginning of the 11th century. Afterwards it became the castle of the Lords of Subbiano and formed a defensive outer chain together with the castles of Belfiore, Bibbiano, Castelnuovo, Catenaia, Monte Giove and Vogognano. In the early 20th century, a patron to us unknown, has restructured the whole Castle in neo-Gothic style, inspired by what a few years earlier had made Ludwing with the enchanted Castle of Neuschwainsten. To date, the Vaenzano Castle is one of the Casentino's most beautiful places, ideal for a fairytale wedding.

The whole day was full of spontaneity and fun. Giada, the bride, a force of nature, infected us with her smile and vitality. From the preparations for the ceremony until the party after dinner,  also thanks to the band Umagroso's musical skills, who gave us anything but a conventional ceremony!

Despite the sky threatened thunderstorms, the bride and groom have always brought a smile on their faces, not letting outside factors influenced their mood. In the end, we also got to do some shooting in the castle garden. These guys were able to make our work day, a day of fun and sharing. We hope that in their life there will always be happiness and joy like there was in this day.

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