What they say about us: the reviews of our spouses

A wonderful person to spend your most important day with! Super helpful and friendly but above all an outstanding photographer working seriously. He did entertain us a lot, always putting us at ease. A great person with an exceptional staff! If you are looking for a great photographer, you've found it.

Felania, from matrimonio.com

My husband and I have met Roberto at the Marry fair of Arezzo and he immediately struck us for product quality, professionalism and friendliness. IDF Studio has photographed our most precious moments and managed to seize the emotions of that long-awaited day. We highly recommend to all future brides and grooms to choose Roberto because it is a humble person, who, with his simplicity, manages to put at ease even those who, like me, get a little embarrassed in front of the camera. In the end, he managed to take beautiful photographs, of great impact. Thanks again to all the wonderful family that made our day even more memorable!

Linda, from matrimonio.com

Roberto and his staff are excellent professionals, and wonderful people. From the very first meeting we felt at ease and seeing their work immediately stunned us. At the wedding we confirmed our first impressions on them: nice people and professionals and at the same time able they were able to put us at ease, letting us relax in moments of stress. They were capable of creating a feeling which made us loose and feel carefree. In short, we would choose Idf another thousand times and we would definitely recommend it!

Elisa Sandroni, from matrimonio.com

There is little to say, as always IDF Studio is great! Always more and more convinced that we made the best choice for our special day, and the result was nothing short of wonderful. Unbeatable value compared to the competition.

Claudia e Michele, from matrimonio.com

We got married on 8/20/2016, it was the happiest day of our lives and this happened also thanks to the staff of IDF Studio. We had a great time. Since the beginning, they were helpful with us and very cute. They have been able to catch every detail of the ceremony without being intrusive. Reviewing the pictures, they gave us emotions that that day were overlooked. The great attention to the details of every single moment that happened on that day, allowed us to relive our wedding all over again. Roberto and its staff were excellent, professional and discreet, they completley fullfilled our ideas and we cannot be more than satisfied.

Francesca, from matrimonio.com

Roberto and his staff were helpful, professional and most importantly knew how to put us at ease. That's not obvious in front of a camera! We want to thank you very much for making our wedding day even more special.

Sara, from matrimonio.com

For me it's the best photographer in the world. Starting from premarital agreements to all of the service during our day. Fabulous. I thank especially Valentina who made our day unforgettable with her sympathy and her skill. Special thanks to Roberto who arranged the best team possible.

Claudia Bartoli, from matrimonio.com

IDF Studio are professionals, made of people that put you at ease even during the service and at disposal for any requests. They know how to advice you while respecting your tastes. Careful to every detail. A choice that I would make again.

Serena Balsimini, from matrimonio.com

IDF Studio Fotografico was definitely a beautiful surprise, given that before we met them more or less "by accident" we did not know them. Great professionalism, helpfulness, kindness and smile were the hallmark of their activity. In this way we had no trouble entering immediately in tune about the steps involving a delicate task such as the one of the wedding photographer, which - for those who take the beautiful path of marriage - is inevitably one of the most important aspects. Therefore we are happy to say that our best day was made so, also thanks to the contribution of these highly competent professionals,they adviced and accompanied us all day long, without ever being invasive. The final result certainly lived up to our desires and then, for those who are wondering, the fees requested are certainly proportionate to the quality of the delivered product. Try it to believe it!! A big hug to our favourite photographers: Roberto, Paola e Valentina!

Marco&Gioia, from matrimonio.com

What to say? Roberto and his team are pros. They do their job with dedication and professionalism. They managed to establish a relationship of confidence with us and they also studied carefully how and where to get the best photos fro our wedding.

Manuela, from matrimonio.com

Really magnificent and professional people! We were made to feel at ease at any time, but above all they kept us entertained and laughing all day long! Really great! A huge thank you to all the staff. To Roberto e Paola!

Valentina Baglioni, from matrimonio.com

With Roberto we felt immediately at ease and he managed to create a good feeling with us! He made our day wonderful and photographed in a professional manner. We are very happy with our choice! We highly recommend it to other couple!

Deborah e Massimo, from matrimonio.com